About Cegal

About Cegal

Cegal_11_90s_New and updated version.mp4

30 views September 16, 2022

This is the latest version of our Cegal video. Meet Cegal.

About Cegal

We are Cegal!

405 views April 27, 2022

This is why we work at Cegal, and why you should too!

About Cegal

Meet new Cegal!

75 views April 28, 2022

About Cegal

We turn complex IT challenges into digital...

163 views April 11, 2022

SYSCO is an informal and ideally sized company, with scant bureaucracy, but considerable...

About Cegal

SYSCO st√łtter Girl Tech Fest i Mexico

47 views April 11, 2022

Vamos, chicas! SYSCO er Platinum-partner i Oda-Nettverk, vi er opptatt av mangfold og...