Connect@Plant - Demo

43 views August 31, 2023

Secure access to industrial control systems. In this video, Glenn Arild Haugland, product...

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Blueback Investigator 5.4 - Using Cegal Prizm...

62 views July 07, 2022

Blueback Investigator 5.4 – Using Cegal Prizm to augment Petrel The recent release of Blueback...


Cegal Rig Forum Promo

71 views January 18, 2023

Introducing the first Cegal Rig Forum on March 23rd 2023.


Blueback Wells Toolbox

236 views October 14, 2022

Easily handle large volumes of well data and enhance your well data investigation and analysis.


Interactive Spectral Decomposition

91 views September 29, 2022

Seamlessly interact with multiple spectrally decomposed volumes, on the fly without generating...


Dynamic AVO Classification

103 views September 28, 2022

Rapidly identify, map and quantify AVO anomalies with Avary AVO


Dynamically understand the impact of seismic...

98 views September 28, 2022

Understand dynamically how the choices you make when condition seismic impact your final products.


Powerful seismic enhancement

84 views September 28, 2022

Powerful, interactive denoise and de-stripe techniques to enhance the quality of your seismic data


Blueback ODiSI

90 views September 28, 2022

Blueback ODiSI inversion workflow now available inside Avary.

Case Study

- Avary changes the way we work

341 views May 30, 2022

For Aker BP, Blueback Avary enables geologists, and geophysicists to achieve the highest quality...


GeoRoom - next generation DataRoom - Geocloud...

108 views March 16, 2022

Oil and Gas market is changing rapidly as a result of multiple factors with a consolidation in...


GeoCloud - vendor agnostic petrotechnical cloud...

101 views March 16, 2022

Data is knowledge. Learn more about how you can ingest data into our cloud, called in GeoCloud,...