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Blueback Investigator 5.4 - Using Cegal Prizm to augment Petrel

March 23, 2023

Blueback Investigator 5.4 – Using Cegal Prizm to augment Petrel

The recent release of Blueback Investigator for Petrel focuses on extending the capabilities of Petrel and Investigator by using Python to provide a flexible data science environment and workflows using Cegal Prizm. 

This webinar will describe how Python code (using Cegal Prizm) can be used within Investigator to predict and classify data in Petrel. It will demonstrate that Cegal Prizm can provide access to Investigation data, easily create QC plots of geo-technical data and supports the application of everything from simple calculations to complex algorithms or even Machine Learning to augment available Petrel functionality.

Short agenda:

  • Welcome and introduction
    John Sayer, Commercial Director Geoscience Products in Cegal.
  • Learn how the latest release of Blueback Investigator and Cegal Prizm can be used to augment Petrel
    Neal Coles, Blueback Investigator Product Owner


When: 7th July 2022

Time: 09:00 AM BST ( London time)

Join us to hear more about the new functionality!