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Blueback Wells Toolbox - Making life easier for the unconventional geoscientist

January 23, 2024

Blueback Wells Toolbox: Making life easier for the unconventional geoscientist.

Blueback Wells Toolbox is part of our comprehensive Blueback Toolbox suite. This toolbox is designed specifically to streamline your Petrel workflows, offering enriched functionality and enhanced Petrel extensibility when working with many wells.

The Blueback Wells Toolbox will optimize your user experience by reducing the number of mouse clicks and minimizing mouse travel while working with numerous wells in Petrel. This ergonomic improvement makes it easy for you to access data and extract the important information needed in your daily tasks.

Our suite of tools is engineered to assist geoscientists in data browsing, efficient data handling, and fundamental well-data geoscience workflows.

In this webinar, we will introduce the Blueback Wells Toolbox and its functionalities, and look at how they generate value for the unconventional geoscientist. The webinar will include a demo of the tools.