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Cegal Prizm | A suite of Python focused products enabling data-science for the subsurface and Petrel

November 18, 2022

Cegal Prizm is a suite of Python focused products enabling data-science for the subsurface and Petrel. Cegal Prizm allows you to easily connect to domain data within Petrel and expose these data seamlessly and securely to the Python ecosystem.

One of the key things that data-scientists struggle with is getting data in and out of Petrel (and other applications) in a format that can be easily consumed and understood by Python packages – be that data-frames or Numpy arrays for plotting and analysis.  

This is what we have targeted for Petrel, to enable moving data in and out of the application in an efficient way such that the data-scientists can work and collaborate with the geo-scientists easily and efficiently.

The individual component within Cegal Prizm are designed to foster:

  • Innovation
  • Enable collaboration 
  • Allow additional value and insight to be created from your data by leveraging Python to solve problems that are not possible with legacy applications

Cegal Prizm enables Petrel users to make use of modern technologies such as Machine Learning to extend and augment standard workflows.  

Read our article: Seismic Processing using Deep Learning on the Desktop 

Cegal Prizm also allows you develop and deploy Python code, notebooks, workflows, applications, services and technology to your user community for easy consumption.

Cegal Prizm securely enables the real-time flow of data between Petrel and Python environments across local, hybrid or cloud native environments.

Join our webinar at 02:00 PM GMT to understand how you can bring the Python ecosystem to Petrel.



  • Prizm Introduction
  • Python Tool Pro - domain support for Petrel
  • Prizm Investigator - geotechnical data visualisation and analysis for Python
  • Augmenting Petrel with machine learning lithofacies and fault classification
  • Summary
  • Q&A

We look forward to seeing you there!