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Cloud, Kubernetes and Continuous Deployment

April 24, 2024

Get insight into modern application architectures and how to operate them efficient in Cloud. 

Join our webinar to explore Continuous Deployment with GitOps on Oracle Cloud. Learn how to seamlessly authenticate to any cloud resource using Microsoft EntraID - and witness a Kafka streaming application operating on Kubernetes on OCI.

We embrace DevOps methodologies and cutting-edge tooling in our client projects.

This session aims to kickstart your application deployments and harness the capabilities of multiple cloud providers to ensure you get the "best of breed" or the "best value for money" solutions.


  • Microservices operations
  • Infrastructure as code, with GitOps and Kubernetes


  • Gitops CD with ArgoCD/Flex 
  • Infrastructure as code using GITHUB as a single source of truth
  • Walk through the typical GitOps workflow: making changes in Git, applying changes to the cluster, and syncing cluster state with the desired state in the Git repository


  • Build your application to run in any cloud
  • Integrate with your authentication provider (MS Entra ID)
  • Architect for performance 

Our team experience

  • Customer case


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